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Universal Series Hose Adapters

Hose & Fitting Supply carries universal hose connectors for your pneumatic system, whether you’re using industrial or shop air. These universal series hose adapters include female and male couplers, as well as hose barb couplers you can use to make new connections on your hoses. Brass universal hose couplers are more ductile for a better seal. Stainless steel couplers can withstand more abuse without leaking.

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About These Couplers:

  • Automatic Coupler means flow will cut off automatically at time of disconnect
  • Brass Couplers have brass body and brass sleeve with brass valve, 6 steel locking balls, NBR seal and 6 stainless steel springs
  • Stainless Steel Couplers have stainless steel body and stainless steel sleeve with stainless steel valve, 6 steel locking balls, FKM seal and stainless steel sprints
  • Coupler is compatible with ARO 210, Parker Interchange and Industrial Interchange plugs
  • Maximum working pressure is 250 PSI