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Shop Industrial Hoses & Fittings by Industry

Industrial hoses and fittings are used in nearly every heavy industry as well as residential applications, many of which are specific to that industrial use. To ease our customers’ minds, we’ve developed a page that allows you to shop by specific industry. Find all the industrial hoses and fittings that you need in one place below.

  • Farming / Agriculture

    Farming & Agriculture Hose Parts & Supplies

  • Snow Removal

    Snow Removal Hoses, Fittings and Replacement Parts

  • Pressure Washing

    Pressure Washer Parts & Fittings

    Hose & Fitting Supply has the pressure washer parts you need to fix or replace your pressure washer hoses and wands. We stock pressure washer wand parts, including spray guns with a range of pressure ratings and optional extensions so you can get the right amount of psi and reach every time. We also carry entire pressure washer hoses and guns, so you can replace your old model or expand your power washing services.

    Want to speed up your cleaning? We have an assortment of turbo washer nozzles that spin as they spray for wider coverage. Need to fix a hose? We have power washer parts that replace couplers and add swivels to high-stress connections. Having trouble connecting your power washer to the hose system? Get power washer fittings for a variety of connections, available in both male and female connectors.
  • Spray Foam

    Hoses for Spray Foam Insulation

    Hose & Fitting Supply has the spray foam hose and supplies you need for applying spray insulation. We offer hoses for spray foam insulation, as well as whip guards and insulators, so you can repair or rebuild your spray system. Hate patching and replacing worn insulation foam hoses? Sidewinder hose wrap is made from urethane, giving it a longer life than standard nylon fabric hose socks. We offer both insulated and non-insulated sleeves, coupler guards and hose whip guards that work with most foam gun hose attachments.

    Our SPF packaged kits have everything you need to connect your spray foam equipment, including coupler guards, a whip hose cover, and a choice of insulated and non-insulated hose sleeves.

  • Lawn and Garden

    Keep Your Connection Leak-Free with Garden Hose Fittings

    Do you love to have a well-manicured lawn or landscape? Part of having a beautiful lawn and garden is ensuring the vegetation receives the right amount of water. However, watering can quickly become a hassle when you have a garden hose that won’t reach or simply leaks profusely.

    Hose and Fitting Supply wants to help you take the hassle away. We offer a variety of garden hose connectors that make your connection solid so you don’t need to worry about leaks. Our garden hose quick connect system also enables you to easily connect attachments to your hose and decrease the time it takes to water your lawn.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Hose & Tubing

    We offer industrial carpet cleaning hose equipment to repair and upgrade your cleaning system. Our standard PVC clear tubing is a suitable replacement for carpet cleaning hose and tubing used for transferring cleaning chemicals and both clean and dirty ambient temperature water. If you need hoses for professional carpet cleaning that can withstand hot water and abuse, use our Clearbraid PVC hose. It has polyester reinforcement spirals to resist kinking and it can handle temperatures up to 150 degrees F.

    Hose and Fitting Supply also has carpet cleaning machine hose accessories, including quick disconnects. These fittings meet ISO 7241 Series B (700 Series) standards for fittings used in mobile hydraulic and general purpose equipment. To keep your hoses wrapped during transport and storage, use our convenient cinch straps.

  • Air Vend Parts

    Air Vend Equipment Hoses

    Hose & Fitting Supply offers Air Vend Equipment Hoses for your applications, with the following features:
    • Made of the highest quality materials
    • Resistant to chemicals and extreme temperature changes
    • Extremely flexible and easy to install
    • Minimizes leaks and maximizes performance
    Are you looking for air vending hose supplies to keep your on-site pump working for your customers? We have everything you need to repair and maintain your equipment. Our coin operated air machine hoses are designed to recoil automatically and resist kinking. We also have air vend equipment hoses in standard and custom lengths that have fittings pre-installed. Just add one of our hose stops to your air vending machine hoses, and it will stop recoiling at the right place to make the hose accessible for the next customer.