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NSF-61 Push to Connects- Drinking Water and Food Applications Nickel Plated Brass Push to Connects Composite Push to Connects
These fittings are designed for water, food and air contact but can be used with selected gases, vacuum & liquids. A single action allows the tube to release and connect easily, saving time and expense. more info
Our easy to use connectors can be used for all of your hose needs. Connection and disconnection of push to connect tube fittings are immediate and manual, making them very easy to use on a regular basis. more info
Pneumatic push to connect fittings allow you to effectively and efficiently convey compressed air through your hose as desired. In addition, push fittings are manually able to connect and disconnect with ease, making them simple to use on a regular basis. more info
Stainless Push to Connects
Our stainless steel hose fittings are made from 316 stainless steel, denoting the addition of molybdenum to increase the corrosion resistance of this alloy when compared to 304 SS. more info

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Our selection of hose p2c fittings covers a wide range of sizes/styles and includes nickel-plated brass units and composite push to connect fittings, as well as NFS-61 rated push to connects designed to be used when dealing with food, water or air. These NFS-61 rated hose fittings are made from approved non-toxic materials, making them suitable for use in the food and beverage industries. The bodies and collets of these push to connect fittings consist of POM (polyoxymethylene) with O-rings made from EPDM synthetic rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer). They can withstand temperatures as high as 158°F and pressures as high as 232 psi. We offer a full lineup of nickel-plated brass push to connect fittings to answer all of your hose fitting needs. You'll find fittings with Tube X thread in numerous configurations. Our push to connect fittings are of the highest quality made and sold at low discount prices.