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Carpet Cleaning Hose & Tubing

We offer industrial carpet cleaning hose equipment to repair and upgrade your cleaning system. Our standard PVC clear tubing is a suitable replacement for carpet cleaning hose and tubing used for transferring cleaning chemicals and both clean and dirty ambient temperature water. If you need hoses for professional carpet cleaning that can withstand hot water and abuse, use our Clearbraid PVC hose. It has polyester reinforcement spirals to resist kinking and it can handle temperatures up to 150 degrees F.

Hose and Fitting Supply also has carpet cleaning machine hose accessories, including quick disconnects. These fittings meet ISO 7241 Series B (700 Series) standards for fittings used in mobile hydraulic and general purpose equipment. To keep your hoses wrapped during transport and storage, use our convenient cinch straps.

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Cinch Strap Cinch Straps

Velcro Strap- OEM-Bundling-Convient- Use them Anywhere

Clearflex Clear PVC Tubing PVC Tubing

Clearflex Clear PVC Tubing

Clear braid PVC Hose Clearbraid PVC Hose

Clearbraid hose is a common form of PVC hose that is used for its strength and temperature versatility. Reinforced by three polyester spirals, this hose is temperature resistant from 25F to 150F.