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Hoses and Supplies for the Spray Foam Industry

Spray foam is the application of insulating or stabilizing material via chemical hoses and compressed air. You’ll commonly find this on commercial and residential real estate projects in place of the more common rolled insulation that is stapled in place. Spray foam allows you to evenly and adequately seal all seams, especially on uneven surfaces. Hose and Fitting Supply stocks a wide range of supplies for the spray foam industry, including general purpose air hoses, thermoplastic hoses, insulation and hose guards.

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PVC Industrial Air Hose Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap
Air and water lines, light vacuum, mold machine water cooling, water soluble chemical spray.
Recommended for medium pressure hydraulic lines, lubrication, medium pressure gas, and solvent.

Interchanges with:

  • Synflex 3130
  • Parker 540N
  • Weatherhead H436
  • Aeroquip FC372
  • Gates C7S
  • Sold in 50ft Sections
    Sidewinder SPF Hose Wrap Sidewinder Coupler Guard Sidewinder InsulGuard
    Sold in 50ft Sections
    3ft Section
    4" OD
    3ft Section
    4" OD
    Sidewinder Hose Whip Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap

    Size = 2.38” OD

    Description = Non-Insulated – 7’ or 22'6" w/ end straps

    Kits available both Insulated and Non-Insulated
    Sleeves, Couplers and Whips included
    210', 260' and 310'

    Spray foam hoses take a beating when pulled around job sites. It’s not long before roll after roll of duct tape is used in an attempt to patch and repair existing hose socks. We have seen it all: carpet underlay, insulated tarps, even denim pants used to protect and insulate spray hose. Operators hate how bulky, unwieldy and cumbersome the hose is to operate. Production slows, profits decline and colder temperatures present the challenge of maintaining proper SPF temperature.

    The New Industry Standard Has Arrived!

    As a solutions provider, we have revolutionized how Spray Foam contractors operate by developing SPF Hose Wrap and Coupler Guards designed to maximize yield and performance by providing unmatched abrasion protection and thermal retention.