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Hose & Fitting Supply has the pressure washer parts you need to fix or replace your pressure washer hoses and wands. We sell pressure washer wand parts, including spray guns with a range of pressure ratings and optional extensions so you can get the right amount of PSI and reach every time. Want to speed up your cleaning? We have an assortment of turbo washer nozzles that spin as they spray for wider coverage. Need to fix a hose? We have power washer parts that replace couplers and add swivels to high-stress connections. Of course, we also carry standard pressure washing supplies, like kits with replacement spray nozzles in all standard spray patterns. Get a quick-disconnect nozzle kit and swap out your nozzle. Effortlessly switch between different pressures, sizes and ranges to have the right tool for any power washing job. We also carry thermal relief valves and rubber-tipped turbo nozzles for all your power washing needs.