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NPSM Threaded Swivel Hose Connectors

NPSM (also known as National Pipe Straight Mechanical) fittings are designed with a parallel thread and 30-degree seat known as a “chamfer.” This design prevents stress and helps to keep the hose from getting tangled or twisted while in assembly or in use. While most of our NPSM hose fittings have the 30-degree chamfer, we offer a variety of different sizes and styles in both male and female swivel adapters to match your hose fitting needs. We carry pipe adapters, elbow adapters, 45-degree elbows, extra-long pipes, swivel branch tees and even swivel union tee fittings. The recommended temperature range for these swivel joints is -65 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If chamfer is mandatory, consult with our customer service department to verify that chamfer exists on items you are requesting.