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Hydraulic Hose Protection

Keep your hoses in tip-top shape with our selection of hydraulic hose guards. With everything from hanging straps to coupler guards, we offer hose protecting wraps that keep your hoses in mint condition. Not only do they protect hoses from getting damaged, but they also protect your growing plants and gardens from being damaged from rusting hoses and parts.

Hosing sleeves, wraps and clamps are all protective tools that can prevent abrasion and degradation that happen over time. Because hydraulic hoses often move, sputter or pop out of place, it’s important to make sure your hose is protected from possible leaks or tears.

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Protection Nylon Hose Sleeving - Hydraulic Hose Cover Accessories Hose Gaurd Cinch Strap
Nylon Protective Hose Sleeving MSHA 171/1 rating

Black Plastic Spiral Hose Guard

Installing a spiral guard hose protector is a great way to protect your equipment. Hydraulic hose spiral wrap is easy to install, adding a layer of protection against physical damage. We carry black hose sleeves in a range of thicknesses, so you can choose the option that offers the best protection and still fits your equipment.

Plastic spiral hose protectors can be used on almost any hydraulic hose, whether the hose is used in stationary industrial equipment or vehicles. Tractor hydraulic hose covers protect against abrasions and punctures that can result in costly downtime. For added protection, spiral guard hose protectors can be paired with hydraulic hose burst protection wrap. This wrap deflects fluid leaks from failed hoses, reducing cleanup and protecting personnel.

Velcro Strap- OEM-Bundling-Convient- Use them Anywhere
1/4-6-1/2" ID line-of-sight operator protection Nylon Hose Sleeve with Velcro
Size Range -1/4" ID - 6-1/2" Daimondback Hose Sleeve
Velcro Sleeving- Sizes Range From 1"-16" If you buy in full 150' lengths, the shipping is FREE!!
Hanger Strap Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap Sidewinder SPF Hose Wrap
Velcro Strap- OEM-Bundling-Convient- Use them Anywhere Sold in 50ft Sections
Sold in 50ft Sections
Sidewinder Coupler Guard Sidewinder InsulGuard Sidewinder Hose Whip
3ft Section
4" OD
3ft Section
4" OD

Size = 2.38” OD

Description = Non-Insulated – 7’ or 22'6" w/ end straps

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Packaged Kits & Hose Parts Cinch Strap- with Grip Strip

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Packaged Kits

Hose & Fitting Supply has the spray foam hose and supplies you need for your spray insulation equipment. We carry industrial spray foam kits designed to repair or replace your current spray polyurethane foam (SPF) hose setup. Our professional spray foam insulation supplies use top-quality components, so they can withstand the pressure, abrasion and pinches that they’ll face through constant use.

Having trouble keeping your insulation warm in the winter? Our insulated SPF application kits include insulated hoses and coupler guards, which maintain foam temperature for even application. These commercial spray foam insulation kits use Sidewinder SPF Insulwrap, which keeps weight low to reduce fatigue.

Kits available both Insulated and Non-Insulated
Sleeves, Couplers and Whips included
210', 260' and 310'

No matter the environment or application, we’ve got the type of hose guard you need:

  • Hydraulic nylon hose wrap
  • Plastic hose wrap
  • SPF InsulGuard (insulated & non-insulated)
  • Velcro hose sleeving
  • Hydraulic hose protection
  • Cinch straps

Hose protection is a great investment to protect your equipment and extend the life of your industrial hoses. Our low price guarantee ensures you’re getting high-quality products at a fair price. We also help you save on hose protection sleeves, wraps and more with 5-15 percent off orders of $100 or more, daily deals and special sale events.