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  • Pipe Adapters

    SAE J514 for Hex Nipples, Expanders, Elbows, Tees and Crosses.
    SAE J514, J530, and J531 for Bushings and Plugs.
    Temp Range: -65F to +400F
    Materials: SAE 12L14 carbon Steel trivalent zinc plated or bright silver finish
    Forged, barstock, chamfered male ends have an internal 30 degree chamfer to mate with NPSM female swivel union connections. Many pipe fittings do not have this chamfer as it is not required per SAE J514 standard.
  • NPSM Swivel Adapters

    SAE J514
    30 Degree Chamfers- Most NPSM pipe swivel union fittings have 30-degree chamfers on NPTF male end of fittings.  This chamfer is optional per SAE J514.  If chamfer is mandatory, consult with our customer service department to verify that chamfer exists on items you are requesting.
    Temp Range: -65 F to + 400 F
  • 37° JIC Adapters

    SAE J514
    Temp Range: -65 F to +400 F
  • O-Ring Adapters

    SAE J514
    SAE J1926/1, SAE J1926/3
    ISO 11926-1, ISO 11926-3
    Steel- SAE 12L14 Carbon Steel trivalent chrome plated or bright silver finish.
  • O-Ring Face Adapters

    SAE J1453
    Steel- SAE 12L14 carbon steel trivalent chrome plated or clear silver finish
  • Flange Adapters

    SAE J518
    Steel Per SAE J518 with either black phosphate finish or plated chrome finish or iridite dip.  Stainless Steel available upon request.

Hydraulic Pipe Adapters

Hydraulic pipe adapters are extremely useful for anyone using a hydro-powered tool. These pipe fittings can be used to connect a hose to such a component and transport fluid to it. In order for an operation like this to work, you have to be certain you have the right adapter fittings.

Our Selection of Hydraulic Adapters

We offer a variety of hydraulic pipe fittings that are great for powering your hydraulic tools. With so many options, you are sure to find the connection that you need in order to get the job done. See each of the pipe fittings above for specific details and be sure to take advantage of the coupon code on our home page! Have questions about orders or hydraulic adapter sizes? Call 952-797-6850 to speak to one of our specialists today!