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ISO A ISO B ISO 5675- AG Interchange
Applications: Construction equipment,forestry equipment,agricultural machinery,oil tools,steel mail machinery,and other demanding hydraulic applications.

Interchanges with:

  • Parker 6600 Series
  • Snap-Tite 61 Series
  • Aeroquip 5600 Series

  • Applications: construction equipment,forestry equipment,agricultural machinery,oil tools,steel mail machinery,and other demanding hydraulic applications.

    Interchanges with:

  • Parker 60 Series
  • Snap-Tite 72 Series
  • Aeroquip FD45 Series
  • Recommended for use with farm implements, construction equipment, and probobly the most popular coupling design worldwide on agricultural applications.
    Interchanges with:

    Parker 4000 Series
    Safeway S20 Series
    Faster NS Series
    Tomco PC Series
    Flush Face/ Skid-Steer Wet Line Couplings 10,000 PSI High Pressure Quick Disconnects
    Flushface Hydraulic Quick Disconnects ISO 16028, Socket Recommended for skid steer loaders and other applications where you need to reduce leaks and spills.
    Interchanges with:
    Parker FEM Series
    Faster FF Series
    Holmbury Series A
    This Series coupling is a heavy-duty wing nut coupling designed for use in hydraulic lines where dry break and minimum air inclusion are required. It is ideal for hydraulic dump trucks, oil field equipment, sand and salt spreading equipment, dump and demolition trailers, live bed trailers and other heavy duty applications requiring the ability to connect or disconnect under pressure.
    Interchanges with:
    • Parker 6100 Series
    • Snap-Tite 78 Series
    • Dixon W Series
    • Aeroquip/Eaton 5100 Series
    • Hanson 96 Series,
    • Faster FB Series,
    • Safeway S51 Series

    High Pressure Screw-to-connect Enerpac Coupling, 10,000psi(Carbon Steel) Ball Type, ISO 14540

    Designed for extremely high pressure (up to 10,000 psi) hydraulic jack service. Threaded sleeve allows connection and disconnection while the coupler and/or nipple are under pressure. Urethane seal resists extrusion under high pressure during connection and disconnection.

    Interchanges with:

  • Enerpac C-604 (3/8" only)
  • Parker 3000 Series
  • Stucchi IVHP Series
  • Holmbury PSB Series
  • Hansen WA56000 Series
  • Safeway S30 Series
  • Faster PVVM Series
  • Dixon T Series
  • Shop Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Fittings

    We offer a wide selection of hydraulic couplings and quick hydraulic hose fittings, with each subcategory easily accessible at the top of the page. You'll find we carry ISO A quick disconnects (7241 sockets), plugs and sets that are interchangeable with Parker (6600 series), Snap-Tite (61 series) and Aeroquip (5600 series) units. ISO B quick disconnect 7241 sockets, plugs and sets are also interchangeable with Parker, Aeroquip and Snap-Tite parts. You'll also find an ISO B 7241 set made from brass. Applications for these ISO A & B couplings include use with construction equipment, in the forestry service, steel mill machinery, agricultural equipment and more. Other options include ISO 5675 plugs, couplers and sets, interchangeable with Tomco (PC series), Faster (NS series), Safeway (S20 series) and Parker (4000 series); and Flush Face ISO 16028 plugs, sockets and sets recommended for skid steer loaders, grapple type hydraulic quick disconnect sets, Wet Line Couplings and High-pressure Disconnects. Shop our selection of quick disconnect fittings for hoses today!

    Disconnects for a Variety of Hydraulic Hose Types

    We offer couplings and quick disconnects for virtually any application. Our inventory includes the most popular types of hydraulic quick disconnects:

    • ISO-A
    • ISO-B
    • AG Interchange
    • Flush Face / Skid Steer
    • Wet Line
    • 10,000psi Thread to Connect

    For more information on our hydraulic quick disconnects simply select the name or image of an item to get customer reviews, product details, enlarged images and more.

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