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  • Bite to Wire Crimp Fittings

    Find Discount Bite to Wire Crimp Fittings

    Hose and Fitting Supply carries a wide range of bite to wire crimp fittings at some of the lowest prices on the market. Shop a variety of styles and sizes of bite crimp fittings that can easily be paired with hydraulic hoses of different sizes. Some of our featured products are compatible with hose models such as the SAE 100R1, SAE 100R2, SAE 100R16 and SAE 100R17. Our top of the line crimped hose fittings are made with high quality materials and are designed to last!

    Bite-to-wire design. Use with 4-wire (spiral reinforcement) as well as 1-wire and 2-wire (braided reinforcment) hydraulic hoses:
    Use with the following Hydraulic Hose:
    • SAE 100R1
    • SAE 100R2
    • SAE 100R16
    • SAE 100R17
  • Bubble Crimp Fittings

    When Quality Bubble Crimps Matter, Trust Hose and Fitting Supply

    Bubble crimp fittings from Hose and Fitting Supply can effectively be used with most 1-wire and 2-wire hydraulic hoses with braided reinforcements. Compatible hydraulic hoses include SAE 100R1 AT, SAE 100R2 AT, SAE 100R16 and SAE 100R17. Whether you're searching for a bubble flare tool or bubble flare fittings, you will find it all when you shop online at Hose and Fitting Supply.

    Use with most 1-wire and 2-wire (braided reinforcement) hydraulic hoses, including:

    • SAE 100R1 AT
    • SAE 100R2 AT
    • SAE 100R16
    • SAE 100R17 - up to 3/4" I.D. only

    Interchangeable with:

    • Weatherhead U Series
    • Dayco-Eastman HY Series
    • Aeroquip FJ Series
    • Imperial-Eastman HU Series
    • Dayco SB Series
  • Crimp Fittings for Thermoplastic Hose

    Shop Discount Crimp Fittings for Thermoplastic Hoses

    If you are in need of crimp fittings for thermoplastic hose products, there's no better place to shop than online at Hose and Fitting Supply. Whether you currently own a regular thermoplastic hydraulic hose or a high pressure thermoplastic hose, our fittings are designed to provide you with high quality results for all of your needs. These crimp fittings can be used with thermoplastic hoses including models such as SAE 100R7 Black and SAE 100R7 Orange.

    Interchangeable with Synflex 3903 Series Hose Fittings.

    Permanently-attached hose fittings may be crimped or swaged. Steel, with anti-corrosive plating. Use with thermoplastic hoses including:
    • SAE 100R7 Black
    • SAE 100R7 Orange

Hydraulic Hoses & Wire Crimp Fittings

If you are shopping for crimp fittings or wire crimping tools, you have come to the right place. We have the hydraulic crimp fittings you need in order to customize the length of your hydraulic hose or carry out any other industrial project involving a hydraulic hose. For example, crimp fittings can help you:

  • Customize your hydraulic hose by sealing the ends of a connection
  • Crimp rubber hose, allowing it to stay connected while under pressure

Our Hydraulic Crimping Wire Connectors Are Compatible With:

  • 4-wire hydraulic hoses, or
  • 1-wire and 2-wire hydraulic hoses, or
  • Thermoplastic hoses
See each product above for individual specifications. Don’t forget to take advantage the coupon codes on our home page in order to save big on our hydraulic crimp fittings and wire crimping tools! Have questions about orders or crimp fittings? Call 952-797-6850 to speak to one of our specialists today!